by Tony Youngs


The Hidden market consists of all those distressed properties you have seen in neighborhoods where there is no pride of ownership. You know, the ones with high grass, peeling paint, overgrown bushes, etc.. Usually they are in nice neighborhoods. They can be vacant or occupied, but none of them have for sale signs, no ads in the paper, not on the internet or MLS and because of this, nobody knows these homes can be bought. Maybe you pass by them every day and never even give them a second look. There are also hidden markets that are not obvious, I will teach you how to discover those opportunities also.


In the year 2017, you may want to change your perception of these hidden gems. You see, as we came out of the great foreclosure crisis, and values started to return, so did the demand. Hedge funds were buying everything they could get. Canadians were coming into the market, and investors were coming out of the woodwork. Suddenly it seemed there was not much inventory. Listed properties were getting multiple offers and there is too much competition at the foreclosure auctions. Great deals are few and far between. There is always somebody that will pay a higher price than you.


The Hidden Market is the answer. There are hundreds of distressed off market properties that you can get at bargain prices because there is hardly any competition. .  In the hidden market, you will find properties that are in default, but the foreclosure process has not been started. You will find properties where an owner has died but the heirs don’t have the desire or the funds to fix it up. You will also find distressed free and clear properties, bankruptcy properties and plenty of homes with equity.


That is exactly what I will be teaching about at GaREIA this month!  You will be taught the “secret” of getting these offers accepted.

You simply must find a way to find properties that not many people know about.  There are three options for profit in real estate that anyone can do to be successful;, whether you have money or not.

Option One:  if you have no money, no partners, and no proof of funds, this option would be for you. You get really good at finding good deals for other investors. There is no risk on your part, but you must be willing to do the legwork. This can be very lucrative as there are many cash investors that would take what you find.

Option Two:  This is for you if you have money or have access to money. This option is where you are good at finding distressed hidden market properties, but you actually close on them and take title. Then you clean it up, do a few of the repairs but leave plenty of work  for the investor you are going to sell to. The reason option two is lucrative, is because you don’t have to do a major rehab job, but you are selling the property to a cash investor instead of a retail buyer who is trying to get a loan.

Option Three: This option is where you fix it up all the way and list it on the MLS. It takes more time but you make much more profit if you do it correctly. This also requires you to have money, or have access to money i,e., IRA, cash partner, or hard money. Sometimes you can sell it to a cash buyer who wants a long term rental.

I personally do all three options but I recommend you pick one that fits your resources and then focus on it. You will need to get really good at finding good deals and the hidden market is where you will find them. As more and more investors come into the marketplace, you must learn about, the “Hidden Market”.  Make plans to attend the June 12th General Meeting at GaREIA for information that use will be able to implement right away.  More info

You need a system and the discipline to follow it.  A system of finding unlisted properties when you buy and using the MLS when you sell.  That is how you make profit today. Over the last 10 years, I have mastered the hidden market. All you need is desire.

Tony Youngs is the author and creator of the Hidden Market system and a real estate investor for 28 years. He will be the Keynote Speaker at the GaREIA General Meeting on June 12th, 2017,  present an all day seminar on July 14th, and present a 3 Day Boot Camp September 9-11.



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