If you are thinking about starting an AirBNB®, currently host homes or rooms, or you are just curious about what all this homesharing talk is about, join us for an incredible night of talking to some of the most experienced AirBNB® Superhosts in Atlanta! We have gathered a panel of some of the best Superhosts in Atlanta that collectively host over 40 homes, rooms, or places abroad, and we will discuss how to:
  • Create income off of property you own or don’t own.
  • What are Airbnb® Experiences and how can you create your own to make money on your own schedule?
  • How you can personally work with one of these Superhosts to get you off on the right foot making money in a very short period of time.
  • And much more!

Join Jason Sterner and his guest panel of AirBNB experts as they share their best tips!

Don’t miss this night of incredible information sharing on October 8th at the GaREIA General Meeting!

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