Starting January 13, 2020, our General Meeting will be held at Roam Dunwoody at

1155 Mt. Vernon Hwy NE, Ste 800 (2nd Floor)

Atlanta 30338

Keynote Speaker, Dyches Boddiford

Dyches Boddiford

From the Desk of Dyches Boddiford… What Will You Learn at this Event?

This General Meeting topic will be fast paced, educational and with NO SALES.

The program is designed to teach the concepts as well as the practical aspects of the LLC, S and C corporations, as well as an overview of the Land Trust. The intent is to provide you with the overview you need to not only choose but properly use these entities.

There are three views to every new venture – legal, tax and business.  Many people leave the decision as to which type of entity they should use to their attorney or accountant.  These professionals may be good at what they do, but their views are strongly influenced by their area of expertise.  We will cover the legal, tax and business aspects you should consider when choosing an entity.

You need this information!

And the best place to get all this information is at this meeting.  Why?  I am a full time real estate investor just like many of you.  I have spent some 40 years collecting materials on these topics; poured through stacks of legal, accounting and business books; attended legal and accounting continuing education classes; and, most importantly,

Put what I learned into action!

Now you can take advantage of my experiences, good and bad, as well as the information I have compiled over the years.

For example, the corporation has fringe benefits not available in any other entity.  And what if you are involved in a lawsuit and a judgment is rendered against you? Well, a party holding the judgment may be entitled a “charging order” against your LLC interest.  But they have no right to the assets held in the LLC, only to whatever distribution is made to you. The charging order can be an economic hot potato –

IF you know how to effectively utilize it.

Your entity can do a lot for you . . . if your day-to-day operations prove that your LLC or corporation is truly a separate entity from you.  It must look, think and act like what you intend it to be.  Along the way, we will cover business, legal and tax strategies to generate better returns.


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