The Hidden Market Boot Camp

with Tony Youngs

September 15 – 17

The hidden market is the wave of the future. This is Tony’s specialty. He will teach you how to find 20+ hidden market properties per week. You will learn from Tony that there are seven ways to profit with just one property. You will learn to earn a consistent monthly income. You will develop a system and the discipline to apply it. You will learn how to deal with defaulting owners, discount liens and 2nd mortgages, buy defaulted notes, build a list of cash buyers, buy unlisted distressed properties and “hidden market” houses with no for sale signs. If you’re not making offers, you’re not making money.


The competition is fierce; an investor needs to learn how to get an edge. You will be trained how to get really good at finding the best and most profitable deals. Other investors will be begging you to call them with your treasures. Tony makes approximately 20 offers per month and knows what works. He has a gift of passing it on to you in an easy to understand format and you will be ready to roll.


  • How to find all the best deals in your own zip code
  • How to find discount liens and 2nd mortgages on distressed properties
  • Learn how to build trust and rapport with sellers
  • How to master your own market
  • Eliminate your fear of getting stuck with a property
  • Make offers with low risk
  • Build a list of local investors
  • How to invest legally, and ethically
  • How to create your own list of probates, absentee owners, vacant and distressed properties, that nobody else has.

REMEMBER: If you’re not making offers, you’re not making money!


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