Here’s an Exclusive GaREIA Offer to register now for the upcoming 3-day Ultimate Foreclosure Formula Boot Camp on Friday – Sunday, November 22nd through November 24th. This is a great seminar to end the year with and help get your systems in place to start off the New Year hitting the ground running! You won’t want to miss this one!

As a GaREIA Member, you are entitled to the exclusive offer price of $497. Retail Price of this 3-day Boot Camp is $1,997.

Included with your registration is the following:
1. Lifetime access to the UFF Support Group to have your questions answered, deals evaluated and opportunities to joint venture on properties together.

2. Login to the Membership Site with lifetime access to online training of past and future UFF videos including the slide presentations, all of the forms, contracts, and scripts to talk with motivated sellers. This alone is worth 10x the Exclusive Offer Price you are entitled to!

3. The opportunity to attend the six week live online training held by Darlene Coquerel, the Queen of Foreclosures at no additional cost. Darlene repeats this live training 3x a year and the recordings are uploaded to the Membership Site which you will have access to as well. So if you want to revisit a subject over and over, you will have unlimited access to study at your own pace.

4. Short Sale training and Support. Darlene and her team will assist you on phone calls with the Sellers and their Lenders in order to get through the Short Sale process successfully.

5. During the 3-day Event, Darlene and her team will share with you techniques on making Multiple Offers instead of just one low ball offer that typically doesn’t get accepted. This increases your chances of the Sellers choosing one rather than saying no to just one offer you may present to them.

If you are committed to your real estate investing and want to get one more deal done before the end of the year, this is the Boot Camp to sign up for!

Click here to register. Seats are limited! Once it’s full, registrations will be closed.

So, join now so you won’t miss the: ULTIMATE FORECLOSURE FORMULA Boot Camp
Beginning on Friday, November 22nd at 10 am, Darlene will start the Boot Camp off with topics such as:
* Strategies on How to Get more Motivated Sellers to call you.
**Marketing tips on how to touch your leads up to six times in the first seven days to increase your chances of Making More Offers.
***How To Close More Deals and Make Money in 60 Days of Less!
****Deal Structuring and how to make money even when there is no equity in the deal!
*****Phone Scripts so you will know exactly what to say when you have a Motivated Seller on the phone or in person!
Don’t wait any longer! Click here to register now. Even if you cannot attend all 3 days, you will have unlimited access to all of the videos, the scripts, the forms, the marketing materials and the slide presentations.
Darlene has transacted thousands of real estate deals and has been investing in real estate since 1991. Her background prior to investing in real estate started with 5 years selling Encyclopedia Britannica door-to door and over the counter at venues all over the US. She has amazing skills and training when it comes to selling, advertising and negotiations and is ready to share those with you!
Darlene and her D.R.E.A.M. Team will show you a systematic approach to Quitting your Day Job and become a Full time Real Estate Investor in the next 24 months!
So, don’t wait until January to start your New Year’s Resolutions, start now by clicking here and join us on November 22nd through November 24th. You will wish you had done it sooner.
As soon as you register, you will have immediate access to the Membership Site and can begin studying any of the topics at your own pace!
So, Don’t Delay, Do it Right Away! Click here and sign up now!
We are seeing movement in the industry and getting more deals accepted now than we’ve seen throughout the year. We look forward to sharing the end of year results with you. Take the next crucial step to becoming a successful Real Estate Investor. Click here to register:
This is one of the best training programs available in Atlanta or anywhere to jump start your real estate investing career. Whether you’re interested in foreclosures are simply want to learn the skills and techniques in Finding Motivated Sellers, Close More Deals and Make Money in 60 Days of Less, this is the Foundational Training you will want under your belt!
See you on November 22nd.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: By the way, we believe strongly that you need a support team behind you so if you have a significant other or a Business Partner that you would like to attend with you, we highly recommend it and will give your “+1” the special rate of $100 if you sign up together. Click here to register now!  They will have all of the same accesses that you will get when you register at the same time!
Darlene Coquerel
The Queen of Foreclosures

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